Subjects in the fields of Political Studies; and Conflict Management and Transformation are offered to most Bachelor of Arts students at Nelson Mandela University. Popular sub-fields of study offered at undergraduate level include:

  • Political Studies Theories and Concepts
  • Trends in South African Politics
  • Conflict Management
  • International Relations
  • Political Philosophy and Ideology
  • State Society and Economy in Africa
  • Advanced Conflict Management and Mediation Studies

At postgraduate level, Political Studies and Conflict Management academics may immerse themselves in tailored coursework programmes, which provide mandatory and elective subjects.

Alternatively, postgraduate candidates are also able to enlist supervisors/promoters to assist them with full Masters and Doctorate dissertations 

Please refer to the Undergraduate Courses and Postgraduate Courses for more information.

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This department may present modules in other general undergraduate qualifications. To view these, please visit the Faculty web site.